writing with light–it’s complicated

It is incredible how deeply saturated life must become for me to feel the blood red and sky blue moments that appear before me from time to time.  It’s complicated, you know.  It is not easy being chronically aware of not only what you are thinking but how your mind is working as well.  It is a kind of double time that happens.  Like working two shifts back to back. I guess I must like or at least be adapted to inner chaos because my life runs a drama within that never seems to stop. I like that I am getting such mileage from this old vehicle.  I like that I am able to get twice as far on a gallon of fuel.  And I like that life presents itself to me in such a way as I never seem to choose the simple or the obvious.  I like that when I look back on my life i will have a generous amount of regrets as well as a very generous amount of joy and gratitude.  I could not have tolerated it as dull. I remember when I was first married some forty years ago how my wife and i would banter bout the notion that if anything we were not dull-normL.  I am not sure if that was before or after psychiatry.  Nonetheless, it was not only a statement about life at that time as much as it was a statement about an ambition.  From getting high to climbing mountains, to camping in the rain and chanting, “we would overcome”  to the U.S. Government; it was a very aka-ward beginning to an adult life that was to turn out aka-ward in many ways. The word that made a particular impact on my consciousness tonight was the word, “saturated.”  I am aware that very saturated colors combined with muted tones form a pallet that I seem to enjoy in my photography.  Sometimes it is only with the help of blowing the light to almost white that the remainder of the photo  shows its depth. When I point the camera at on object, it is the reflection of light that catches my fancy.  There are times when the object of of little to no consequence if the light is spraying correctly through out the frame that I am seeing through the lens of the camera.  Writing with light indicates a writing of deeply saturated emotion and frequently I am capturing an emotion and when I come to the part where it is time to digitally develop the image, I find that it is the balance of light, the deepness of colors resting one against the other that generates in me a sense of completion.  Often the picture that I take with the camera is only the pallet.  Later in the manipulating stage I can play with reflections the way a choreographer might play with his dancers. Photography as a fine art is about color and light–the objects that are caught are vehicles to conduct the light from where I capture it to where it can be view later.  It is like bringing home a sunset, or driving away with the sound of the surf still pounding on the shore. In any event beginning with a snowman named Ecuador to images of a water nymph lifting from beneath the sea–life has been complicated.

2 thoughts on “writing with light–it’s complicated

  1. Geraldine Torf

    This is a remarkable and perceptive observational gift which should be a delight to photographers.How can I share it with other photpgrapher Facebook friends?

    1. Thank you, thank you very much…there is a kinship between between psychoanalysis and photography. If you are interested in sharing it, I would be delighted. You can copy the URL and paste it into your Facebook page. I appreciate your comment and would be delighted if you expanded its readership. Al Dussault
      We were at the Boston Center at the same time for a while. i was there in 1986 and was there until 2004….. Al

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