John has been a random contributor to this blog.  In addition to his essays and his short, but quick and often witty observations, he composes poetry.  His primary passion is videography……al d
Pain. Anguish. Remorse.
I beat them continually. Like a dead horse.
I seek out conflict when none exists.
Even though I know this is ridiculous.
There is no lesson to learn from this.
There is nothing to earn from this.
But it sure is fun.
It sure is fun.
The excuses I make.
The emotions I fake.
The lies I bake.
The energy I take.
A whirlwind. Confusion.
Everything is illusion.
Swim up from the deep.
It’s of my life that I speak.
It makes no sense.
Complications. Intense.
A sea of deceit.
All tidy and neat.
Explosions. Releases.
Go back and visit the pieces.
I stare at them forever.
I put them back together.