atone is to attune as spiritual is the psychic

Thirteen hundred and twenty-five miles from slices of ice to coconut palms, from 70 inches of snow to 70 degrees in the sun.  The days of winter in New England are short, cold and challenging.  It is no wonder that as we age we think of becoming snow-birds and flying with the pelicans leaving the penguins behind.

I spent five and half wonderful weeks on Hutchinson Island and it was difficult to leave our small bungalow just several hundred feet from the pounding surf  and the sandy beach of the treasure coast of Florida to return to the chards of ice that had become out lake.

I was very pleased  to have had the opportunity to be away from the routines of daily life.  It was surprising just how productive I was about my writing life when I stopped and discovered that I had hours of leisure time available and that I wanted to fill them with words and photos.

I find the combination of pictures, that are said to be worth a thousand words, and the words themselves, to be a strong and effective way to communicate.  And, what I find so valuable to communicate has to do with the dream that who we are and what we want are one thing.  We are in a place and time in the history of the human specie that is testing out the old value that we have free-will.  As agents of  free-will we have a built in capacity to change the direction of our life at any moment when we become aware that we are not where we want to be.

The way that we discover that we are not where we want to be is simple.  It does not feel right.  But for so many people not feeling right has become a way of life and they may not we aware the the lack of joy, the lack of good feeling, is not a state but rather a sensation that ought to awaken us to the fact that we are not where we want to be. Like any pain the sensation is not a punishment but rather a neuronal alert that gives us information.

If I have my hand too close to a fire the nerves in my hand alert my brain to move my hand in another direction–away from the fire.  If my emotional life is in danger of conflagration the painful sensation of feeling awful is the alert that we need to change the direction of our movements.  The emotional alert system is closely connected with the defenses that our egos have learned, over the course of a life time.

Becoming alert, awake, spiritually aware are events that are available to the human psyche, the human soul.  We are mental spirits seeking attunement with the universe and when we achieve that state of attunement, we KNOW it.  The capacity to know is a virtue worth revisiting.

Knowledge comes to us through our senses–simple and yet among the most complicated of conditions to contemplate.  We arrive at knowing through a subjective awareness of a kind of synchronicity with the the universe–with the world.  As we become acquainted with our subjective self we can learn to rely on this self to take us to place that we want to go.  In other words the synchronicity that we seek with the world is one of matching our desires with the world we are in.  As we apply desire to our being we set free in us the condition that we have a free-will and that we know that we have that free-will.

Of what use is it to have free will, if we are unaware of the freedom of our will.  I think that when religion spoke so highly of free-will it is because the saints and popes and the martyrs of old were aware of just how significant it was to know what we want and to be able to go after it.  The mystics were seeking a sense of glory to match a state of divine awareness.  Frequently they found it because they were searching for it.  Much of what we yearn for in the world can be found when we apply a knowing desire to the wanted object or state.

Finally, although we can use this process to obtain thing from the world, in no time at all we recognize that the only reason that we ever wanted things was to give us a certain feeling.  If we can apply ourself to desiring the feeling directly, it is almost as if the objects actually get in the way of the desired state.

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