be with the sound of stillness

be alert to your consciousness in stillness…
let your mind be absorbed by what your
ears are taking in…
let this be the prayer
that calms your torrid heart and mind.

be deliberately alert to the sound
of stillness let your eyes feast on the grandeur
of spring, the evolution of life & death.
desire to be one with the the inevitabilities
and allow the holy silence to fill your heart
and mind.
absorb and allow for
consciousness to be unnerved by your living.
grant yourself moments of peace
and take these moments from the sounds
of silence and move the
stillness into your heart from where
your passions emanate….
cultivate your ancient soul, grow your
wishes into your reality until the world
looks back at you the way you look
forward to it.


Photography Quote of the Week – Susan Sontag 3

it is an interesting comment. on one hand it places photography at the extreme end to be journalistic; yet, it induces a sense of meaninglessness in the activities themselves…it speak to a civilization that is focused on the tomorrows and does not value the now of consciousness.

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Photo Courtesy of Wiki Commons Photo Courtesy of Wiki Commons

“Today everything exists to end in a photograph.”
― Susan Sontag

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