Storm Over Augustine




This photo was taken from the bridge to Vilano…It is of storm clouds forming over the city in mid-afternoon.  The city is barely visible bordering the very bottom of the image.  It depicts that human-kind and its manifestations are very small in context of the universe.


We are small beyond measure; yet our desire from grand and glorious shapes much of what we do and what we aim for.storm impasto


The Bay Front Near Sunset

Both of these photos, subsequently painted with digital light, are reflections of the town of ST. Augustine.  The Bay Front is a particularly lovely evening walk.  The river casts shadows and repel light causing a geometry of objects to appear as they do in the two paintings found below.  These shots were moments apart and shot from only a slightly different angle.  The results could not be more dynamically different.

  1.   Harbor Lights
  2.   Bay Front


harbor lightbay front

for Angella

Three roses were a symbol of my mother-in-laws intentions.  They had to represent the trinity but at a deeper level of consciousness, I wonder who the roses were in her life.  Then I thought they might not be people, the roses my be transformational moment that were very important in her life.  She was a brave and faith-filled Catholic; but she did not hesitate to use common sense.  She was her own person.

three roses

The Bridge to Anastasia










I have been lack in publishing these finished photos to this word press site.  This is very recent.  The night was right for a river glow of light.  A two-masted ship is passing under the drawn bridge.  The town is dressing up for the 450th anniversary of its establishment.
the bridge