(Freud, 1912, p.115)

“The analyst must turn his own unconscious like a 

receptive organ toward the transmitting unconscious

of the patient.” (Freud, 1912, p.15)


I know it’s Freud, but lets give him credit, (1912).

A segway from the unconscious… unconditional love emerges. 

Tune your internal landscape to open,  and 

allow for whatever the universe is emitting to enter 

wholeheartedly, let her in unconditionally.  “Turn your

receptive organ toward the transmitting unconscious.”

Language Acquisition is to human what flight is to bird.

I forgive you,

I thank you, 

I’m sorry,

I love you!

Unsoluble love, Unrequited, Unconditional love,

floating on the wings of a bird, 

effortlessly emerging as

wisdom becomes brighter than knowledge.

“How infinite in reason.” said, Hamlet.

A Paragon of Animals, Like the rise and fall of the 3rd reich, 

   Was Michael the Archangel originally from Ukraine?

I plant white pines.

I help them along,  when I see a bare spot I tuck a sapling in the ground 

not far from where the grandfather stands and will be laid to rest someday. 

Preserving the kingdom for evolution,

my bones will decompose here among the

native furs.

A nazi symbol attaches to a hammer and sickle. 

White clouds and willows rustle in the wind.  

The War of the Roses

Those unconditional cousins 

of the English Monarchy.  

Was it envy, was it greed, was it one of her parts

that killed Mary and not Elizabeth herself that

murdered the Scot. 

Magnificence only goes so far. 

Unconquerable  Love, 

Lust-less love, unfailing love; 

   –unsalvagable love 

Ukraine Love, Unconditional

Blue and Yellow love 

sewed in the liberal pride flag.  

To thee, I sing. 

another Ink-Ling of human development

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