A fresh breeze

A fresh breeze blew in from the west a place of intention, of sorrow, of bliss. It is a place that emits from where love emits.
Perspective blew in on the sacred wind, truth attached to my spirit/body, and connected to my dream quest.
Blowing east, moving forward to where today’s now meets tomorrow’s eternal now. My soul held in place allowing us to flow with the life force–gracefully and with gratitude.

Teach me how to gather,
Let me find forgiveness
Releasing hurt and anger.
Let me heal my body,
Help me find the courage
And serenity of enlightenment
And Wisdom.

Let me honor my sacred promise
To be loyal to my healing quest.
Let me not desert my medicine,
Santa Maria a trustworthy guide;
Nor desert the beating heart within
My breast.
Adapted from Jamie Sam’s
A medicine man.