A Woodland Cottage

Version 2

This image was created with pastels, then photographed and edited in digital software.  The pencil-like sketch quality is a vignette effect that is masked.  The drawing itself is inspired by my love for small country cottages.  I can remember my mother talking about a fantasy cottage that she imagined.  I manifested cottage living.  It is the source of tremendous gratitude.

The photo-editing renders a fog-like view.  Working with lighting allowed for a luminescent quality to suggest dusk…


Lake Effects Fog



This mid-spring photo is edited from an image taken when the fog was settling over the lake in early evening.  The sunlight crept under the fog and seems to lift the fog to make room for the light.  It also inspired a short prayer that I uses for walking meditations:

I am Alive,

I am Well,

I am Conscious,

It is Now. evening fog 2