isla mujeres

I saw this island 30 years ago before it was a tourist attraction—i got there from the mainland

on a a boat carrying families with their pigs and chickens and livestock tied with rope the way we
would lead a dog on a leash……the island was over grown and the shanties were lovely and pink hibiscus
grew around every piece of jungle poverty making it look like paradise rather than abject poverty..
there was one little wooden building painted a turquoise blue with bright yellow shutters–there were
no windows just colorful shutters…the bottom part of this structure was a combination store and
restaurant…maybe two table with a vynal table cloth.  The legs of the make shift table were constructed
of wooden crates that were initially orange crush soda crates….there were chicken and livestock running
all around and children playing nearly naked—-I thought I had walked into a Gaugain….

One thought on “isla mujeres

  1. Geraldine Torf

    Where is Isla Mujeres? It is a feeling I have that Haiti must elicit the same sense of love and charm in the midst of poverty. The world fears poverty so much that it gets in the way of capacity building for these people who were so devastated by natural disaster. Your description of the simple beauty of your moment is inspirational.

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