writing with light: iphotoimpressionism

This blog doubles up as a portfolio of painterly photographs from my series: iphotoimpressionism.  These are photos of watercolor washes,  pen & ink,  and pastels.  As an evolving artist, I try not to get caught in the right or wrongness of a contribution. Everything that I do is abstract.*  Art and creativity are among the finest examples of sublimation.  Art performed as a spiritual exercise is meditative; it is mind calming and stretching toward what we want to know of truth, beauty, and spirit.

Creativity is downstream and easy.  A sign of a well-analyzed, healthy person is the ease with which that person attempts many new things from many new perspectives.  Whichever method we use to advance ourselves aligns with the Universal Laws governing human growth and development; we find that a well-balanced raft smoothly gliding downstream is a delight.  It is Tom Sawyer; it is Love in the Time of Cholera, the Shenandoah Valley, and Old Suwannee. It is Canada.

Courage is about being in touch with our highest powers.  It is knowing that we are alive and aware of loving the vitality.  Writing with light has grown from various perceptions and channelings that include far more than what the eye can see.  The New Perspective is a glimpse into life beyond resistances–not exactly a wild abandon, but rather a cooling disposition that everything will be all right.  Creativity is alive with the possibility of pleasure and self-indulgence that is not destructive.

Curiosity is constructive, creative pieces that describe your personal perspective.  Nothing is right and nothing is wrong. There are no bad parts, as Bill Schwartz writes in No Bad Parts.

Most of the paintings found below will have been photographed and imported into a digital darkroom where I re-style the image using a variety of multi-media digital art tools and brushes. I work mostly with The Topaz Studio products, but not exclusively.

Please feel free to comment on any of these pieces and I am always happy to share the process.  Please Write anytime.  My other favorite hobby is Conversation.

early spring
early spring
*  adjective
  1. 1.
    existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence.
    “abstract concepts such as love or beauty”

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