getting to now

Being on a path to spiritual healing is a path that has its own unexpected detours.  It is as if one had planned a journey to a very wonderful destination.  And, having planned this wonderful journey to this lovely land you anticipate that because the land to which you are going is so beautiful, how can the journey be anything but great.

That is the flaw in the logic, even the logic of the heart gets this one.  Just because we are on our way to heaven or nirvana does not mean that the road to get there will be as wonderful as the destination..

As I wander through my own landscape and I visit the places along the way that I must visit, I recognize that the journey has nothing in common with the destination…my children cause me heartburn, my work demands much more from me than it gives back, my expectations of life and of loved ones, fall under the pressure that I put of them to be what I need and want them to be.  Of course, regardless, they are who they are, and they are what they are; and my demands/expectations do nothing but frustrate my vision and dreams.

So from day to day, I do what I can to walk myself back into the present moment from where my ego has suggested I go to look for things that I do not really need.  The distance between to where I have wandered back to the here & now is forever changing.  But, I am recognizing that the time it take for me to realize that I am not in a good space is much shorter than it ever was.

al dussault

charlestown, rhode island

3 thoughts on “getting to now

  1. Lenny

    Well said Al. I found this at once insightful, introspective and profound! Who of us cannot relate? Thank you for sharing of yourself so eloquently.

  2. Ellen

    I enjoyed this blog, Al, and it truly resonated with me. I have experienced all the same flaws in my logic, thoughts and feelings. It’s comforting to know that I’m not alone and with some effort, I can bring myself back into the moment and into a better space. Thank you for sharing your insight with me.

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