An Occasion for Joy

Every, every thing that we encounter is either an opportunity to externalize or an opportunity to scrutinize. The inward 
looking for answers is nowhere as natural as our human tendency to look out-ward for the source of the conflict. Getting 
to believe that every conflict is a conflict within is not an easy task and it requires vigilance and persistence as well as surrounding 
ourselves with people who want to be on the same spiritual path…. 
The path is one in which we believe ourselves to be the source of all perception, in other words, the maker, the creator of our realities.

We are a herding animal. We do best in groups, loosely formed groups that help us to make corrections in our perceptions. Although 
it may feel initially easier to want to believe that the source of our pain lies in somebody else’s drama, it really always lies in our 
response to the drama that we see in the world…

Every inter-reaction that we encounter comes from a place within that is trying to make sense of the world… the source of my pain 
and the source of my joy are eternally inside…..not a comforting thought if we are use to externalizing the meaning to life. But ultimately 
this is the only road to a spiritual life–that is a life where we are conducted by joy….

If we approach this from Psychoanalytics, or Buddhism or New Age philosophy or what ever other system of thought we use 
to find the truths that are important to us, we are always led to the same conclusion: Find a thing to love and the feeling it 
returns to you is Joy.Image