The Season of Darkness

877 snow tracks,painterly 1

The season of darkness juxtaposed with a bathing of white and light.  After spending the last three years attempting to re-invent myself, I seem to be returning to photography as one of my enjoyable hobbies.  Recently I discovered a different way of editing my images.  The image above represents one manner of developing a digital image out of thousands and thousands of various possibilities.

The process of working in the digital dark room is a process or perpetual choosing.  You can tickle an adjustment or you can tweet an adjustment or you can boldly change the image into something that was not present in the original intention.

The Season of Darkness illustrates for me that a cooling bluish-white image can evolve in a glimpse of warmth.  The brushes that I used on the image were from the series called “liquid-line”.  The process of getting to this image included importing the original image in several software editing programs.

The next several post will reflect the editing process that turns a photograph into a multi-media work of fine art.

Little Acrylics—December 2013








Image 8 (1)

These are acrylic paintings that I did for a show of small items at the Re-Max Gallery event in Narragansett….

It is the first time that i spend time working with acrylic paint….i think I prefer to work in watercolor, but it is too early to tell.

Image 6


Ocean spray against rocks is something I see each week that i attend Mimi’s Salon at Black Point Rock in Narragansett..I like the spray against the granite…

Image 5


This is a digitally painted photo of a Monday @ Mimi’s,,,,enhanced in photoshop.


Image 3

4 x 6 canvas board–acrylic—Winter Trees


Image 7 (1)


I think this is my favorite of the paintings created especially for this show….winter trees or as someone suggested wine glasses.