Passion and Fire


passion fire

This is an acrylic, a quick sketch of reds and colds.  This is a digital image because although it started as an acrylic painting it was finished in a photoshop program where it was edited with digital paint brushes…..

Red and Black have influenced art and humanity forever.  The novel by that name written by Stendhal stands out as a fiery piece of literature.  The church, the army…warriors in each camp surviving and planning where to find the seat of power.

Like an atomic bomb, the fiery passions of young men display themselves in a variety of postures.  In the end men seem to be looking to be taken care of and wishing for a beautiful young thing to fall madly after them despite the fact that the wish continues long after we are old and fat and bald and shrinking.

The Desire Drive is filled with longing and projectiles forward.  It has little to do with the satisfied, growing old men who hang on the porch of a dusty town country store playing checkers.  This man has missed the boat.  This man has probably elected to do it the way he was told to do it.  This man has become use to responsibility and obligation.  He probably has not know much else.  His father married at the age of 20 and moved from his mothers house to his new wife’s apartment.  Neither of these are really his home, rather they belong to her and he is to finance the rent, the food and whatever other household bill arises.

He drinks whisky so as to continue forgetting that he missed the boat and never found passion in the sensual avenues of an enflamed romance.  It’s O.K. he thinks to himself.  It is O.K. because by never acknowledging the throbbing impulses, he can coast his way to death.  All that happened is a dash between two numbers.

1920 – 1999  May He Rest in Peace.


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