Maria’s Cello

It must have been just over five years ago that I met Maria. I had been invited to an Artist’s Way gathering at the home of Mimi Sammis, the internationally know sculpture and painter. The groups sat in a circle, some people knew each other very well and others seemed either shy or perhaps, like myself, new. 
Maria began opening a huge large container. The case itself looked like a large violin. She gently removed the cello from the case and began to un-screw a spike like steel rod and fastened the location so that when she put the cello down in front of her, the instrument was at the perfect height for her bow to scan the strings in an arbitrary way until the tuning fell, itself, gently into a melodic, haunting voice that seemed to resonate from within. 
I was amazed–talent. i had always considered myself and artists without a talent; but something stirred in me that very moment. Soon that ember of joy ignited into a spark that glows today as my passion: to be an instrument of peace and to follow whatever muse indicates for me. 
It was a first monday of the month in september….and I have been evolving as an artist ever since that night of Maria’s Cello. The sound of improvisational cello, emitting from the voice of the strings, co-mingled with a creative spirit that beaconed me to let it awaken in me.

I liken joy to the consequence of loving. One experiences joy when one allows himself to love. Loving anything awakens joy. It is the natural order as sure as gravity is. And I loved that cello and as I did, I felt Joy. Joy then becomes the catalyst for the next dimension, creativity.Image

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