Manifestations as Creativity

The idea that we have what we want and what we need is a factor of being able to imagine that what we want is real and can be made manifest by our consistent concentration on the kind of life that we want.  Most of us get wrapped up in missing and not having rather than in the clear vision that what we want is indeed good for us, not harmful to others, and can be made manifest by keeping out thought energy on the prize.
What we want changes, and as we change the desires grow and change with us.  It is o.k. to want something new if your old vision no longer matches what feels good inside of you…Remembering that what feels good inside of you is the most important knowledge that we have and it is entirely unique to us and only know by us….Only I can make myself happy in the way that I need to be happy.
That is accomplished by not betraying our deep innermost feelings and sensations.  These deep and inner most instincts have to be
illuminated for us to see them.  That illumination of our most sacred self has to be deliberate.  It does not need any other criteria other that it is what I want and it will not be harmful to myself or others……
Manifestations or creating in such a way that what you imagine, you will into existence is not magic or even new-age.  The human mind through its primary drive scans the world and either takes it as it is or it uses creative powers to synthesize a new “something”.  Even colors as they exist in the world can be blended to form a new color as anyone with a knowledge to the color wheel knows.  Manifestations are nothing more that the human creative process applied to everyday life.
Have at it!  Let your mind wander you into a new dimension that feels great from the inside out.

3 thoughts on “Manifestations as Creativity

    1. The moment and the immediate next, as Tolle calls it is about wanting in the moment. What do I want now..Do I want a glass of water, do I want to walk, to I want to stare at a spot on the wall…it is all kosher. The moment bring in the peace and the peace and calm bring in the vision and the desire….the vision and the desire create thoughts that are about having what we want and the feeling that it gives us to think about having what we want….And yes, the mind wanders away from this and we must be deliberate about returning it to the prize

  1. I had to reach 60 to get more than a toe hold on my needs and wants. Beyond the basic needs (food, sleep, shelter, work, play) I NEED to create. When I create from my authentic soul and bring that truth to the world, my needs are fulfilled in spiritual ways that material things can never achieve. I have no idea how that works … only know from experience that it does! As far as wants – all goes very well for me when I am grateful for all I have at the same time I carry strong, positive intentions for what I still want. Strong intension is the seed to possibility taking root … pining and whining after what I want and don’t have – typically kills off proactive energy and makes me feel sorry for myself – “going without.” One has to risk to get fulfill wants in life. … just back from my 1st trip abroad to Rome … trip of a lifetime with good freinds – beyond my wildest dreams … I got what I have wanted for a long time (to travel abroad) because I was willing to do what it took to make it happen which included risks. “Wishing” to have wants fulfilled is fruitless for the most part. “Getting” requires action – making a plan, a committment … brainstorming means and ways of acquiring the want. “Wishing for” doesn’t bring one closer to fulfilling wants … one has to take journey steps to travel to coveted “want” destinations.

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