Maddie & Critter Cavalry

Maddie came to us via transport van from a foster home in Tennessee where she has been well-fed, correctly watered and entirely ready to grow.  The Critter Cavalry is the organization that saved her from being euthanized.  She had been found as a stray with a broken ball socket in her hind quarter.

It has been a year since Oreo died at the ripe age of 15–fabulous old age for a dog and she was a charming, loving, sweet dog that to my understanding has just come home in the form of Maddie a 13 month old Anatolian Shepard, Lad, Hound-Dog, mix.  It is uncanny how the picture of Mattie on line just spoke to me.  I had been avoiding getting a dog again for a host of “good” reasons.  And Maddie simply undid all those reasons in the flash of a few seconds.

The foster home she was in had had her for six months and they nursed her through a very difficult surgery where a hind quarter ball joint was so damaged that when Maddie had been found she was never seen to use that leg.  Maddie came with a full Vet report about the surgery, her recuperation and glowing remarks about how she had the most wonderful disposition. The foster family has called a few times just to make sure she was O.K. and to give us the opportunity to ask any question. She had been on a large fenced in property with five or six other dogs.  She slept indoors, in the master bedroom and was loved and nursed back to perfect health…..

…without any obedience training, what so ever, Maddie foster parents have given her everything she needs to be on her way to being a loving, sweet and delightful canine that will visit hospitals and nursing homes and bring smiles to shut ins.

Maddie is such a smart and clever dog that in only a few days she was sitting, staying and coming on command–if on a leash.  However without a leash–she was as wild as Oreo was as a stray puppy as well.  Maddie wants to run.  She tolerates the leash, but if she had her way she would have combed the entire neighborhood by now.

She has been here for a few days and we love her so much…She walks right into your heart if you are a dog-person.  She aims to please, is very contrite if she has displeased you and she sits with at least the end of her paw touching, my leg, of my shoe, of she rests her cute rubber nose on my lap….

I am writing this blog as a record or journal of Maddie’s travels as a result of the incredible love and care that Dick and his wife Anne from Tennessee provided for this dog that was a day away from the gas chamber.  Maddie is a loving only semi-disciplined dog and it is my intension to walk her through whatever training she will need to become a therapy dog.  At some point  in the near future, Maddie will have her own web-page as a testimony to the wonderful volunteers and the fabulous foster home parents who make this entire journey possible….

Thank you for reading and Thanks to Critter Cavalry for the lessons in humility….

4 thoughts on “Maddie & Critter Cavalry

  1. Nancy

    Surely this “aquisition” beats, by far, that red convertible you were coveting and much healthier in all ways for you as well!!! How wonderful that you have found each other!

  2. What an unbelievable dream come true for Maddie and for you, Al!
    Thank you so much for documenting this love affair that you have embarked upon
    With this precious girl. I look forward to watching her adventures and accomplishments
    As you both walk this path of life together. We all applaud your gift and decision to
    Adopt this rescued little girl. A dog that beat so many odds and now has the best that
    Life could ever offer a dog. J
    Critter Cavalry Rescue

  3. And Al… I sit here crying over such a poignant essay that you wrote about Maddie and
    Her foster parents and our work at Critter Cavalry…..don’t forget that as soon as we took
    Maddie from the shelter….within a day she came down with parvo which is a deadly puppy
    Virus that robs many pups of life. She survived that because we treated her quickly……only
    40-50% of all puppies with the parvo virus survive…..after she recovered and got strong
    Again….we did the surgery. So…two HUGE hurdles to jump in her life and she jumped them
    Both beautifully and is a testimony to what we face in rescuing a dog. It is a commitment
    In our book once we pull a dog from a shelter. We treat them as if they were our own pet and
    they get nothing but the best of care and effort to get them healthy and keep them there. Dick and
    Anne Uber primarily have taken care of our post-parvo puppies since they cannot take in
    Regular pups due to having had parvo in their home environment in the past. The parvo virus
    lingers and healthy pups are at risk in a previously contaminated home. So….they take care of
    the ones who are recovering since their body now has the antigens to resist the virus once they
    Beat it so to speak. That is why they took Maddie….and then took her through the surgery
    As well and waited for YOU to find her! She is a gal that we have expensed at well over
    $1200 to make her healthy and ready to face life and contribute to this world. Your
    Dedication to her is remarkable and I just wish we could clone about a million more like you!
    Blessings galore! And thank you for sharing your journey with others….perhaps it will create
    More adoptions of rescued pups. And maybe a few offers to be a foster parent. J

  4. Al,

    I am still absolutely amazed you and Maddie found each other. She seems like such a perfect fit with your family, and her sweet personality will allow her to be a perfect therapy dog. I didn’t think about it before reading today’s “Maddie blog”, but her rough journey in life so far, I believe, will make her especially compassionate towards your patients. Your comment about her keeping a paw or a nose on you is exactly what we found…she is so affectionate and loved to touch us at all times.

    Maddie, the escape artist: Sorry! We weren’t aware of this since she never had the opportunity to run here because of the fenced yard. We would have worked on that had we thought about it. We’ll keep this in mind for future fosters.

    It was fun to see her in the water with you. We took her boating with us a few times this summer and she liked to jump off the back of the boat to swim with the other dogs. I’m not sure she would have jumped on her own, but when she saw the other dogs doing it, she joined in on the fun. Wish I had taken a few pictures of this to show you.

    Thank you for your kind words about us on your blog. Fostering dogs is a certainly passion of love for us. We’ve been doing it for a few years and it’s very gratifying.

    Can’t wait to see Maddie’s website!

    Anne and Dick Uber

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