milky white with a slight blue-hue

a cool, grey morning

milky white with a slight blue hue.

the lake does not beckon like

a wood fire might.

it is a great day for a nap,

a sojourn to a mindful place

on the way to a blissful sleep,

almost a parallel for

life itself.

the greens are still green

but against the distant shore,

from here, they are black.

a sharp  line  divides

the slight-blue-hue from

the milk-white sky

by the water’s edge…

the whole scene is recreated

in the reflection.

dazes like this generate a longing

mixed with a nostalgia, a remembering

of my dog, fur-headed, velvet-eared,

rubber-nosed creature that loved

to spend these lazy daze with me,

at home, wrapped in a blanket of

thought leading to pencil sketched

worlds of water-colored memories.

she is still here, though I can not

touch her fur, I can still smell her

wet paws as she muddies her way

to nuzzle her nose in my lap.

milky, watered eyes blur the

light outside my window.  She

is the stillness, now.

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