today while the blossom still clings…..

today, while the blossom is still

clings to the vine, the rosa from its

green perch on  the shore

once again shines…

against the azure & blue of your


it returns to its

roots…. and blossoms the whisper

that I am still alive…………

I am not sure if it is its

home or mine;

as i wander through the rocks

and the cliffs, in my mind,

i notice that

others less likely than I

find a home

near the sea while the sun begins

its summer time shine.

And as i recall from seasons and seasons,

i taste the strawberry & drink its sweet wine…

and thank the mysteries in life for

the gift it provides


with the pace and the rhythm and

rhymes of the time.

6 thoughts on “today while the blossom still clings…..

  1. jessica

    Thank you Al. I love receiving your blogs/ poems/ thoughts/ insights. Sorry I don’t tell you more often, but I’m telling you now!

  2. claud

    life without you would be a different life……. and that being said i am thankful for life with you……………………….

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