Bringing myself into an authentic alignment with my life is a more difficult task than one would initially expect.  First, when one hears of this need for balance and alignment it would seem that a few simple adjustment would be all that was needed.  That is not so. The reason it is so hard to get into attunement  has to do with the supremacy of the ego–that part of our mind that holds onto a picture of who we are.  The ego is the aspect of the mental structure that creates the persona–or, the picture of ourselves, the idea of who we are including the every present aspect that is the picture of how we would like others to see us.

Based on needing to maintain a connection with who we think we are, we abandon all sorts of pleasure-able and healthy experiences.  Based on the need to maintain a view of ourselves that is consistent with our ego ideal, we forfeit what we want in favor of what we think we should want.

Shoulditice, better know as inflammation of the “should s is a condition that prevents us from aiming for what we want and instead conditions us to aim for the little that we think we can get….

More later on the topic…..

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