Sometimes ambivalence can be as dangerous as a bad decision.  I mean to sit and do nothing because of inertia can be as damaging to your goals and your desires as can making the wrong decision…I know that most of us can get stuck behind a plan that just is not working.  But to move forward without knowing which is the path less trodden can equally stop you in your tracks and cause you to be fearful of almost any change.

There are times in your life when a decision to move forward can be so frightening that the idea of staying wrapped in a blanket which lets in little light can, in the moment feel comforting…but, I assure you that no decision based on fear will certainly lead you to a despairing  condition whereas a wrong decision made in the light of day can probably be realigned and re tooled to aim for the well-being that we all ought to be aiming for.

Aim for good feelings, for a sense of vitality and it will not turn out wrong…

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